Balance our theme for 2009 – aka our non-resolution resolution.

Cari is not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. The idea is great, but she gets tired of hearing all the hype about goal setting, losing weight, buying exercise equipment and gym memberships. Especially since most people give-up somewhere in February or before. So we decided, rather than choose specific goals, we would choose a theme for this year – balance and of course we do it the last week in January just to prove how non-resolutionary we are. We got the idea of just choosing a theme from Sheena over at Sheenanigans.

Balance for the year of 2009 . . . what does this mean exactly . . . well here is what we think it means . . .

  • Family
  • Work
  • Self

We thought maybe we’d expound philosophically for a few moments. But, nah. That’s would be too resolutionary. We’re really into KISS (keep it simple stupid). So, long story short: these are the three things we’re going to be juggling this year, we’ll try to keep all the balls in the air, but if for some reason one falls, we promise to pick it back up and try again.

One thought on “Balance our theme for 2009 – aka our non-resolution resolution.

  1. Balance is a great goal. It’s one I’m not very good at but I love the metaphor of keeping the balls in the air and picking them back up if they fall. I will remember that. Thanks.

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