The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

–winner of the Caldecott Medal

“Long before multicultural characters and themes were fashionable, Ezra Jack Keats crossed social boundaries by being the first American picture-book maker to give the black child a central place in children’s literature.”

I thought this book would be a perfect February Review because of Black History month and, hopefully, we are not sick of snow quite yet. Do you remember the magical moments of snow when you were a child?

Peter wakes up one morning to find that snow has fallen in the night. He goes outside and experiences it in so many fun and different ways. This book beautifully illustrates the childhood joys of snowfall- when you have no worries of loved ones traveling on slick roads.

Snow is for building snowmen, snow angels, and for sliding and snowballs. It’s funny the nightmare Peter has that the snow has all melted away and how happy he is to wake up and find out it was just a dream. My children share that same nightmare. Now, round up your kids- or someone else’s kids and go have some fun in the snow!

10 thoughts on “The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

  1. This book is so lovely to read aloud. The cadence of the prose just rolls along. My family loves it. We have both the board book and the picture book editions. I think this one is a must for home libraries, and a good gift for new parents.

  2. We had this book when I was kid but I don’t remember reading it. While we were visiting my parents, one of my kids found it and wanted me to read it too him. He really liked it and so did I. Very cute book.

  3. Kim- as I was putting this post up my 2nd grader told me all about reading this book in school. I think it’s a timeless classic. Sometimes the joy of sharing books with our kids make them even better than when we were kids!

    Bookie Woogie- How long can your very favorite book list be? I think mine’s really long. I probably should just make a list of books I don’t like- but there wouldn’t be very much on it, so I don’t know what the point would be. I’m glad to know you like this one so much- it really speaks to my inner child and so it’s a favorite of mine too.

    Did I just say inner child? Okay, that’s it, sign me up for the loony bin!

  4. Ha! Well… to be a “very favorite,” it’s got to sit on the special shelf in my studio. Of the 3000 kids books we have, only a small percentage make it…

  5. Alright, it looks like I will have to go and check out this book. If it made Bookie Woogie’s special shelf and everyone else including my sister says this is such a great book. knowing me I will probably have to buy it.

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