Non-fiction Monday – Nic Bishop Frogs

nicbishopfrogsNic Bishop is a gifted nature photographer and writer. Not only that this book received the Cybils award on Valentine’s day for non-fiction picture book and I can see why. It is stunning, the pictures even breath-taking and yes I am saying that about pictures of frogs. My five-year old loved this book and was extremely fascinated with the Glass Frog and the poison dart frogs. She informed me she would save her baby sister from one if she ever saw one, but not to worry she wouldn’t touch it with her bare skin. . . not even her pinky toe.

Now any picture book can not stand on pictures alone and Nic Bishops’ text will not disappoint you. Lots of fun facts and information about the life cycle of frogs. You will learn the difference between frogs and toads, that some frogs eat rodents and why frogs need to live near water.

Nic Bishop’s website

Now my sister and I will be featuring Nic Bishop Spiders for our Doublescoop, which is when we review a book together,  for next month. The pictures are also incredible, although I won’t say breathtaking. . .maybe breathless, especially if you are bit scared of spiders.

6 thoughts on “Non-fiction Monday – Nic Bishop Frogs

  1. I just reviewed this book too. It was fun and very informative. My boys like looking at the photos and I was excited to tell my husband everything I learned about frogs. On another note, your feed shows up as full. Yay!!

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