The Hunt for Dark Infinity Book 2 of the 13th Reality Series by James Dashner

13thcover1This is the book that I got from the author at the Utah Book Bloggers Bash hosted and organized by Natasha Maw. Now I was to0 embarrassed to admit it there, but you all know that writing on a blog gives one a sense of anonymity, even when what you are writing is public. Here goes the confession –  I had never heard of James Dashner let alone the 13 Reality in my life. I mean really how do you tell an author in person I’ve never heard of you and I have a blog about books, especially a kidlit blog. Turns out though James writes in my favorite genre – fantasy. Can’t get enough of it and I am so glad I meet him and read his books. Really he is a great guy, funny, down to earth, generous and once upon a time he was a CPA, which I get a big kick out because my dad is one.

The second book came out this week and it is good. I liked the book, and the characters and again like the first one I read it in one sitting or as much as possible in one sitting with a baby and preschooler in the house. Of course there are more riddles in the book and some new characters. I must say though James’ has an interesting penchant for names. Seriously who names a character Mothball and a villainess Mistress Jane, but I loved it. The more I get into the books the more I love the fun, zany names. This time Tick, Sofia and Paul race Mistress Jane to reach Dark Infinity, a new weapon of incredible power. They jump from reality to reality trying to solve the riddles and keep the new weapon out Misstress Jane’s hands. In addition some realities are fragmenting and mysterious disease seems to be causing people to go insane. One of my all time favorite parts in the books is when Tick’s mom reveals a secret about herself and it is taking all my self control to not tell you. Guess you will have to read it to find out.

I would recommend this series to my Grandma (she is also a big fantasy fan) and that is a high compliment considering she gets my top picks as recommendations. Can’t wait for the next book.

James Dashner’s website and blog

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