Lisa’s War by Carol Matas

I remember reading this book as a teenager many years ago- it was one of my book order books, that I still have in my collection. I really liked the cover illustration at the time, and actually still like it rather well.

Lisa is a Danish Jew who joins the resistance along with other members of her family. Lisa distributes papers and leaflets on public transportation systems. After one particularly horrific incident with the SS gunning people down in an operating room, Lisa asks her friend Jesper,

“What kind of world do we live in, Jesper?” I echo Father’s words. “Is it worth living at all?”

His hand grips mine tightly. His eyes look so sad. They’re gray, and his brown hair is getting a little damp around his forehead. . .

. . . “Of course it’s worth it Lisa. We’re young. We’ll get rid of them, and then it’ll be up to us to make a better world.”

The Danish resistance achieved a remarkable feat. Only 474 Jews were arrested out of a population of about 7000 Jews. This book tells a story of escape that is no less amazing because of how many times it was carried out.

Let’s all do our part in making this a better world in honor of the victims of the Holocaust this April. Other books reviewed for Holocaust month include: After the War by Carol Matas and One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping. Previous related posts:  The Whirlwind by Carol Matas.


3 thoughts on “Lisa’s War by Carol Matas

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  2. can you tell me how does lisa change in the novel i’m really interested in the book, thank you

  3. Does anybody know what Lisa or Stefan’s last name is in the book Lisa’s War? I searched for it but I couldn’t find one so I’m just asking in case I missed it.

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