The goatnappers by Rosa Jordan

the goatnappersThe sequel to Lost Goat Lane focuses on Justin, the oldest of the Martin children. Justin decides to sell his goat, a Christmas present from his sister, to get the money for a bike so he can ride back and forth to baseball tryouts. At first Justin is overjoyed because he made the baseball team as a freshman- the only person to ever do that before was Booker Wilson, his neighbor who became a famous ball player. Unfortunately, Justin discovers that the man who bought his goat is mistreating him and Justin can’t concentrate on anything, including baseball, until he comes up with a plan- along with all the other Lost Goat Lane kids. When the group kidnaps the goat, life gets more complicated and they turn to their hero, Booker, to save them from themselves.

Justin gets even more distracted when his absent father appears out of nowhere and wants to have an influence on his life. Full of complicated morals and ethics that children really do face in their every day lives. This book will challenge young readers to question assumptions about adults (like ‘grown-ups just don’t understand’), and learn to think responsibly for themselves. Justin makes decisions that help him remain true to the person he is inside- no matter what the people around him think.


One thought on “The goatnappers by Rosa Jordan

  1. Sounds like an interesting book, I’ll have to read it. Goats and baseball, those two always seem to go well together for KIDS (baby goats and humans). I can remember being fascinated by goats as a child. How in the world can they eat tin cans and not have stomach problems?

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