Hasta Luego Bloggiesta

blogiestaYou know how life throws you a few curve balls (maybe your life is not like mine and always runs smoothly). Well I had great plans to get lots done on our blog this weekend, but then my baby got sick and since I was flying solo most of this weekend I held her most of the weekend – being a mom is more important than blogging. Gratefully this curve ball wasn’t to bad, her illness was nothing serious (special thanks to my newly graduated MD brother who indulged me by checking her ears, which were fine) and as of early this morning we are fever free!!!

Here is what I got done

  1. Reviews of One Wolf Howls by Scotti Cohn and Peace, Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson
  2. Participated in Blogging Buddies at My Friend Amy (wasn’t planning on this, but an excellent article) and Britt at Confessions of a Book Habitue brought it to  my attention by inviting me to be her blogging buddy.
  3. Started re-doing our theme and fixing our sidebars
  4. Natasha would like those who participated to tell how many hours we spend on Bloggiesta and how many comments, etc,  4 hours (I had planned on six) and well my comments are not what I would have liked, but here it is a big whooping 4, but I will do more.

Overall, despite my inability to participate in the way I wanted, this was an excellent way to light the fire under myself so to speak and I plan on checking out some of the other mini-challenges as they have some excellent articles and advice later on this week and making several more comments. I hope Bloggiesta comes around next year or even sooner (if anyone is interested).

Thanks to Natasha at Maw Books Blog and all her amigos, bloggers and publishers who sponsored an excellent challenge this weekend!

PS. Let us know what you think of the new theme in our comments.


8 thoughts on “Hasta Luego Bloggiesta

  1. Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. I think the beauty of the Bloggiesta is that we can continue to upgrade and learn even though the challenge is over. I love looking at different blogs and seeing what people are doing.

  2. Thanks Britt, that was the look I was going for well actually I hadn’t thought of the professional part, but I was going for the clean part. I want the blog to be easy to read and find stuff on.

  3. With this new theme, I totally see your tagline now. Which I love. I’m sure I saw it before, but it makes more of an impression. I’m THRILLED that you participated in Bloggiesta. I’ll definitely do it again.

  4. Melissa – Thanks, yeah I would like some type of logo, but we haven’t gotten that far and we had to make some sacrifices, a three column theme that we liked without a customer header. Maybe in the future we will pay for an upgrade, we’ll see.

    Natasha – Glad you like the tagline, that’s one of the reasons why we picked this theme – you could actually see it. And I am very glad we participated in Bloggiesta, I plan to be at the next one.

    AZ – Thanks!!! We like it.

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