Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

pinkaliciousI’m in love. With a book. And a color. How could I have not heard of this book before? It was written just for me! I’m sure of it. Pink, pink, pink, pink. How can anyone not love pink? Pretty much pink has been my favorite color my whole life. The obsession began when I was knee high to just about everyone and was so severe, I’m not sure why I wasn’t diagnosed with pinkatitis. I’m sure I had it. I just must not have exhibited too many worrisome symptoms. I think I’m probably a carrier.

Um . . . I just realized that, while writing this post, I am wearing a hot pink long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a pink and white striped t-shirt. Did I mention I like pink?

Forget the fact that I have all boys. I’m buying this book for me! They can read it if I feel like sharing. One of my sons actually liked pink quite a bit for awhile. He wanted to be like me. I was very flattered. Then he found out that pink was a girl color. (sigh) Why is it that men won’t wear pink? Actually, my husband says he will wear pink if I really want him to. But I know he doesn’t really want to. I really liked the part in the book where pinkarella’s little brother is green with envy of her pinkness.

So, as soon as I read this book I called Cari and told her she couldn’t review it, that I had first dibs. I think I might have scared her with my intensity. I told her that this would have been my very favorite book when I was little. She said I wouldn’t have let it out of my hands let alone my sight. She’s right. I might keep it by my bed even now. What a nice story to send me off to sleep every night so I can dream about being pinkarella . . .

Okay, this is sounding a little cheesy and corny. But, I identify with this book so much it’s past funny. The only time in grade school I said my favorite color was anything but pink was to try to impress this popular girl, who wasn’t impressed. I went back to pink. In high school, I changed my favorite color to Prussian blue just because that was a cool water-color tube name that mostly no one had ever heard of before. I still liked pink though, I just thought I had to ‘grow’ out of it, so I gave it a trial separation. I went back on my knees.

Once I grew up enough, I realized that pink will probably always be my favorite color. I just don’t decorate with it. Except for accents, and jewelry, and artwork. But, no pink carpets or toilets at my house. That’s just asking for trouble when you have boys who can’t aim already- talk about giving them a reason to spray! Yeah, not going to happen.

Cari (left) & Holly (in her 'pink' of course)
Cari (left) & Holly (in her 'pink' of course)

When I was little I had this pink polyester outfit that I called my ‘pink’. I wore it all the time. I took it off only to let my Mom wash it and then I satby the washing machine and dryer in my drawers waiting for it to be done. And, being polyester, it is still around somewhere. (My Mom saves things like that).  If I’d had a pink fairy dress I would have worn it everywhere I’m sure. My favorite dress-up gown at Grandma’s was the pink ball gown that was three feet too long and had a neckline that reached all the way down to my belly button. Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to wear it in public, but I sure had sparkly shiny eyes every time I wore it. Actually, I just remembered we had a cousins parade around the block wearing Grandma’s dress-up gowns. Of course I was in the pink dress. I think it was tied up in the back though by some proper grown up who didn’t want me streaking through the neighborhood showing off my belly button.

Me in my favorite dress-up costume, gloves, t-shirt and all!

On a recent trip to my Grandparent’s house my Grandma dug around and pulled out our old dress-up bag. Guess what was in it? Yep. Here’s a picture of me modeling it in the back yard. (I think the neighbors thought I was pretty strange out there). I wore a t-shirt to make it as authentic as possible and also because the dress is still a little too big and I didn’t want to show my belly button or anything very close to it. My husband, the gracious photographer, couldn’t stop laughing at me, so many of the pictures I was really hoping would be cool, actually turned out blurry due to the shaking of his hands, er belly.

I was discussing this book with some friends when one of them shared that her niece had been invite to a pinkalicious birthday party. I think I might have turned a little green with envy. So, I decided that when I have my next major mile-stone birthday (a long way off, I hope) there will be no black balloons. Only pink. And if you don’t wear pink, you’re not invited. I’m not kidding!

Obviously, I love this book.  I love even more that this book was written and illustrated by two sisters! You can find out more about them at Elizabeth is the witty author, and Victoria is the amazing, award-winning artist. How sweet is that?! Their sister picture in the back is adorable by the way. You ladies are my new heroines!


8 thoughts on “Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

  1. Suey- I bet it does fly off the shelves! I wanted to buy it at our school book fair, but all that was there was Purplicious. So I bought that instead, but it wasn’t as good as Pinkalicious by a long shot. It had the feel of those made for home release Disney DVDs- done in a hurry to make money on the coat-tails of a success. I have heard that Goldilicious is better, but haven’t checked it out yet.

  2. Boy did this review help me recall some memories from very, very long ago. Holly, truly did wait at the dryer for her “pink” to be clean so she could change clothes and put her “pink” on. Sure wish the book had been around when Cari and Holly were little and Holly could have read and fell in love with the book then.

    Great job with all your posts – Holly and Cari!

  3. I love pink and I had pink carpet for my bedroom. My parents got a great deal to buy the carpet. Now I have all boys and everything is red or blue or brown.

  4. Oh yes I totally remember my sister sitting next to the dryer waiting for her ‘pink’ to dry. If you notice in her avatar she is even wearing a pink jumpsuit, I tended to get put in blue by default since she was so pink obsessed. I definitely know what book to get you for Christmas.

  5. Cindy- now you know why I liked the pink bathroom upstairs so much.
    I thought of it as mine.

    Sharon- pink carpet would have been so cool. I remember the late 80s early 90s when everyone was putting mauve carpet in their houses. My mom is not a pink person, to say the least, and I thought it was rather unfortunate that she didn’t want mauve carpet like I did. I’m with you on everything red, blue or brown. My boys keep the color choice pretty neutral. I actually really like blues and greens for decorating. Thank goodness!

    Lynn- Thanks for the award! We’ll probably pass it on in our monthly summary.

    Natasha- Yes, the favorite color of my heart is pink. Blue is a close second- there’s just so many cool shades of blue.

    Cari- Sorry I interfered with your opportunity to love pink. But, blue always looked good on you. Thanks in advance for a great Christmas present. I haven’t bought the book yet, I did buy Purplicious at our school book sale, but it wasn’t as good.

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