When I’m Feeling Happy, Sad, Scared, and Angry by Trace Moroney



 Did I mention that my baby is going to kindergarten this fall? Okay so she really isn’t my baby anymore, but my first child is going to kindergarten!!!! And I am freaking out more than she is so to prepare me . . . uh I mean her, we have been reading some books about going to school and other such related topics. We have a series of books, we bought as part of a Scholastic book order, called When I’m Feeling,  by Trace Moroney and this post is actually a review of all four books – When I’m Feeling Sad, When I’m Feeling Scared, When I’m Feeling Happy, and When I am Feeling Angry. There are part of some of the books I will be reviewing for the kindergarten collection.

I have had these books for a while and we use them whenever we are going to have a big change in our family, like a new baby (I’m NOT pregnant, thank goodness!!!), new job, and for the start of school. I think talking about feelings has many benefits one being that children often have a hard time verbalizing feelings and by reading about them provides them with the vocabulary to talk about them and also let’s them know that their feelings are normal.

From the back of each book

  • When I’m Feeling Happy – So many things can make you HAPPY. Playing with friends, a special treat – or just a big hug
  • When I’m Feeling Angry – When you’re really angry you feel like you’re going to explode. It’s okay to be ANGRY sometimes as long as you don’t hurt anyone.
  • When I’m Feeling Sad – Everyone feels SAD sometimes. It’s a quiet, lonely feeling. But it can often help to talk to someone about it.
  • When I’m Feeling Scared – Anyone would be SCARED of some things, like dangerous animals! But lots of other things aren’t really as scary as they seem.

Another thing I like about these books, is in addition to using language that small children can understand and adorable illustrations, there are additional notes to parents or caregivers about how to help children develop healthy self-esteem and that feelings are normal part of life. We can cope with them. I particularly like this

Happiness is more than just being successful. Helping your child gain self-trust needs to deal with failure, loss, shame, difficulty and defeat is as important – if not more so – than succeeding or being best.

Each book features the same little rabbit who goes through various scenarios that might cause these feelings and offers  some suggestions as to what children can do if they are feeling this way. These little gems of books are some of our family favorites and they have helped my daughter deal with anger and cope with sadness and fear. I wish I could give Trace Maroney a hug for writing these books as they have been invaluable. There are four additional titles I haven’t checked out yet, but I will called – When I’m Feeling Lonely, When I’m Feeling Kind, When I’m Feeling Jealous, When I’m Feeling Loved.

Trace Maroney’s website

What are some ways you personally you have used or ways you have helped your children cope with feelings or big changes?


25 thoughts on “When I’m Feeling Happy, Sad, Scared, and Angry by Trace Moroney

  1. Those look cute — thanks for sharing. We recently taught Kevin the word “happy,” and it cracks me up to hear the times he uses it. Like, he’ll just be sitting in his high chair and I’ll hand him a tater tot and he’ll yell “hap…py!” Or when we’re about to go to the park, or ride in a car, etc. He’s a little young for your question, I guess, but we just moved cross country fairly recently, and then from a small apartment in a new house a couple of months ago, and went from cosleeping with us to sleeping in his own room. I’ve just talked to him a lot beforehand to try to get him excited about the changes before they come.

  2. Lynn – These books are really cute. I loved hearing about how your little one learned to say the word happy! He probably is a little young for the books, but it sounds like you guys have had some big changes in the last little while and are handling them well. Welcome to Utah!

    Britt – They might help, they have helped my child a lot.

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