Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson

hattie big skyHattie Brooks is full of hard work and determination. Orphaned at a young age and forced to bounce among relatives, Hattie is surprised when an uncle’s will appears and offers her a new start- on her own in Vida, Montana. Hattie rolls up her sleeves and digs into the dirt to prove up her uncle’s claim. I always love a good pioneer story and this one did not disappoint. I was amazed by the fact that Hattie’s story is based on the author’s own step great grandmother. What an amazing woman!

Well researched and superbly written, Hattie Big Sky is a pleasure to read. What a disappointment to turn the last page and realize the story was over. I found myself wishing that there was a sequel! I’m pretty sure I will be reading this one at least one more time. I didn’t even know it was a Newberry Honor book until I was writing the review- it definitely deserves the recognition! This book would be a great family audio book for a trip, I think I just might get my second reading in that way. . . I’m off to put a hold on the audio. . . yeah!


7 thoughts on “Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson

  1. I really enjoyed reading this book and knowing it was based on experiences from her family made it even more amazing.

  2. Britt- I’m glad you loved it too!

    Kailana- It’s definitely worth moving up on your ‘to-be-read-soon’ list.

    L.Owen- I love when books are based on real-life experiences. It does make books more amazing when you know the story behind them.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  3. I was reading this book for school and I just found myself bored at first. I didn’t want to read it and avoided it in many different ways. Once I finally sat down to read it, I realized I just hadn’t taken the time to read more than the first few chapters and that the real, good story was yet to come. I really liked this book, which is weird for me to say since I would have never touched it if it weren’t for the school assignment. I really hope a sequel is written. I would love to read it again and highly reccomend it.

  4. Will you please please make a sequel??
    i love this book and everyone iv shared it with love it and wants a sequel to!

  5. My daughter had to read the book Hattie Big Sky for a her 5th grade class reading book. Our whole family enjoyed reading this book with her. We would love to read a sequel. PLEASE write a sequel!!!! Thanks!

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