Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths by Nic Bishop

We are big fans of Nic Bishop in our house and here at Bookscoops as my sister and I reviewed Nic Bishop Spiders for our Double Scoop in March and I reviewed Nic Bishop Frogs, which is my favorite, the month before. I highly recommend both of those other books. I finally got a copy of Butterflies and Moth meaning we actually purchased this one. My daughter loved the photographs and learning about butterflies. Although I don’t necessarily agree with her about the picture (shown 45 times it’s actual size)  of the newly hatched caterpillar/larvae looking creature – she thought is was adorable. I should have guessed she would think that because after all I did tell her it was a baby caterpillar. To me it’s larvae and it gives me the creeps. That said though it is a lovely book with not only fascinated pictures, but fascinating text to keep the reader engaged.

Another favorite picture is of a caterpillar that resembles a snake. We spent several minutes on that page. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a high quality book about such beautiful creatures and butterflies and moths.

This post is part of Nonfiction Monday hosted by Rasco from RIF. Check out some of the other great titles.


6 thoughts on “Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths by Nic Bishop

  1. I have been trying to get my hands on this one! What’s up with the taking forever to get it in??

    FINALLY they have it and it’s on hold….

    And apparently now he has one on marsupials… cool.

    (PS, what’s up with the comment subscription thing? It wants me to have a wordpress account… so I haven’t been able to figure out how to subscribe without getting one…)

  2. Britt – I hate it when it takes a while to get a book in from the library. I’m not sure what’s up with the subscription thing. Are you trying to subscribe in the RSS feed or are you clicking on the subscribe through email? If you tell me more specifically then I will investigate.

    AZ – Glad to know it’s Nic Bishop well liked in your in your house. He definitely is in ours.

    Roberta – I’ll have to check out your silkworm project. I can handle frogs, snakes and spiders better then larvae.

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