Don’t Be Afraid Little Pip by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

Little Pip is an adorable penguin who yearns to fly. Children may well recognize themselves in her stubborn refusal to try swimming. A fun lyrical adventure about trying something new for the first time. Filled with beautiful illustrations that bring summer and swimming lessons to mind. You need to check this book out if you are planning swimming lessons for a reluctant swimmer. 

My son really enjoyed the lyrical poems that Little Pip’s mentors coached her with, which made this such a great read-aloud.  We had a nice little discussion afterwards about how sometimes we are afraid to try new things. Just like Pip was afraid to try swimming. Although Pip wasn’t afraid to try flying, but I think that was because flying was something more familiar to her- she’d seen birds flying around before, but it’s hard to see what goes on in the deep dark depths of the ocean unless you actually go down there. My little guy was sure Pip was afraid of octopuses and whales and sharks and that’s why she didn’t want to swim. That actually makes sense. Kids sure are smart!

How do you help your kids try new things?


7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Little Pip by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

  1. I call my daughter Pip as a nickname so I will have to read this book to her as she gets ready for her big Kindergarten leap this fall!

  2. I love the underwater images in this book. I’ve been looking at a lot of Jane Chapman’s work lately…

  3. Angela- This would be a great kindergarten prep book! I didn’t know Pip was your daughter’s nickname- that’s so cute.
    Shelley- Oh yes, Pip would so get them ready for Dickens 😉
    AZ- Yes, the images in the book are fascinating. I look forward to knowing what you learn from your studies of the underwater images. Will you be incorporating that into an upcoming book?

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