Holly and Cari go to Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers a.k.a. WIFYR

One of the reasons that I (Cari) have not ben so active here, although it’s not one of Holly’s reasons (she somehow manages four busy boys, artwork, writing and posting book reviews and I am pretty sure her house is way cleaner than mine and I am NOT jealous or anything of my sister), is I just finished my first novel for Young Adults. Whoo Hoo, I am turning cyber cartwheels, which is the only kind I can.

Last year we went to the amazing Writing and Illustrating for Young Reader’s Conference (WIFYR) held at the Waterford Institute in Sandy, UT. Since we had such a lovely experience the first year, we are both returning for another week of energizing enlightenment and excitement. Last year I (Cari) learned from the talented Emily Wing Smith and Holly rocked out in Krystin Crow’s hip and cool picture book class.

Holly, (who, unbeknownst to me, almost majored in art on the recommendation of her high school art teacher, but then majored in something practical and boring (in my opinion), business finance) is taking the art class with Julie Olson. I am taking the contemporary fiction class for YA with Kirk Shaw.

If you have any inkling to become a children’s author and/or illustrator come and join us at WIFYR.

Holly and Cari’s top ten list of reasons to attend:

  1. No kids allowed (yes, we do love our kids)
  2. Cari needs Holly’s help to walk. (Last year Cari tripped in the parking lot and managed to scrape her knee without ruining her pants.)
  3. Meet other like-minded people
  4. Network with other writers/artists
  5. Book signings by your favorite author/teachers
  6. Get a peak into current publishing trends
  7. Agent John Cusick
  8. Editors Alexandra Penfold and Ruth Katcher
  9. Beautiful campus to inspire you to polish your manuscript
  10. Carol Lynch Williams -If no one else was there but Carol, you would still be so happy you came. She’s amazing!
*Visit the WIFYR blog for more information on a first line contest open to anyone. Hope to see you @wifyr

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