Who we really are- Holly Papa and Cari Hauptman are hollybookscoops and caribookscoops

Dear readers,

Many of you have been with me and my sister Cari from the very start of our experience reviewing books. So, it is with sad hearts that we share some news with you. A few months ago, our domain name, Bookscoops was accidentally allowed to expire and someone else purchased it. Totally sad, but totally legal. Unfortunately, the new site owner is plagiarizing our material and has embedded pornographic links in our reviews.

We are so sorry that this has happened and assure you that we are doing all within our power to get the material taken down. Our current correct address is https://bookscoops.wordpress.com. If you have any links to our former site, please update them.

This letter serves as official notice that Holly Papa is hollybookscoops and Cari Hauptman is caribookscoops. We do not agree with or support the pornographic content embedded in our copyrighted reviews which are being used without our consent.

We will keep you updated as we work to a resolution. Thank you for your support!


Holly Papa aka hollybookscoops and Cari Hauptman aka caribookscoops

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