Many people have a weakness for buying clothes or shoes or new computer gadgets. Can you guess mine? It’s buying and reading good books. I absolutely adore books. Reading is like a basic need for me (I seriously don’t know what if I would do without books) and I always have at least one book by the side of my bed. I frequently begin conversations with “oh I read this book about . . . you should read it!”

I also taught middle school history for 5 years and I love teaching. So I guess you could say that the three loves of my life are my family, reading and teaching. Right now I’m taking some time off to care for my two smart and adorable little girls (I’m not biased by any sense of the word) and literacy is one of my soap boxes. In fact I just graduated with a master’s degree in reading (and no I didn’t get the degree just for reading books). The reason why I decided to get a master’s in reading was because the number one thing my students struggled with was reading. I was shocked at how many students struggled some of whom would be classified as functionally illterate. Reading can actually be quite a complicated process and so important to economic success. There I go again on my soapbox if I’m not careful I will go on and on and on about reading, which is partly why I started this blog with my sister because now I have a place to talk about one of the things I love best in this world – reading.