One of my favorite memories is laying at the end of the bed to catch the hall light so I could stay up late and read.  Of course I was always jealous that my sister could read faster than me (she still can).  But, sharing a room, we also shared the responsibility of ‘look-out’.  Most nights when my parents thought I was fast asleep as they checked on me, they would probably have found a Nancy Drew mystery under my pillow and the next one under my sister’s.

Now that I’m a parent, I know I wasn’t fooling anybody. But, I’m sure it made reading a mystery all that more intense wondering if I would be caught and have my book taken away before I knew who did it! My love of reading has followed me through college, working, and now staying home with children.  Getting to read is one of the greatest enjoyments for me- I clean so I can read, I exercise so I can read, I watch TV while I read, I take a bath so I can read I read to my kids so I can read and sometimes I do nothing so I can read and then I play catch-up with all of my chores.

Okay, so I don’t have any of the credentials that Cari has for teaching or literacy, but I have a life-long love of learning. I did graduate from college with a B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance. I find this a little ironic because I grew up loving English and Art classes in school and hating Math. So, why did I major in Finance? It’s a long story, but in a nut-shell I figured it was something I would never learn about on my own while I knew that I would never give up reading, writing or art. I’ve been thinking about getting a lit. or art related master’s but think I’ll wait until my kids are older. In the mean time, I know how to learn about almost anything I ever wanted to learn about- books! I love that I can go to the library and research a topic and find out how to refinish furniture, decorate my home, get my kids to sleep through the night, invest in my retirement, reupholster furniture, landscape my yard and on and on. I know the librarians in our small town on a first-name basis and so do my kids (I have three very active boys). We love to discover new adventures every time we visit the library and we especially love story time. I’m excited to have this blog to contribute my ‘scoop’ on good books with other readers!